Monday, 5 August 2013

Out Of Office

Hey everyone :)

So you may have noticed a missing post from me on Friday (slaps wrist) and I'm not going to be doing a lifestyle post today or a weigh in Wednesday... I have been really poorly for the last few days (boo) and I couldn't even bare the thought of sitting at my iMac for a lengthy period of time. I'm definitely on the mend now (although still feeling slightly sick). 

Yet now I am deciding to swan off to London! Haha, me and my friend have had this plan for months now to go and visit our friend Sarah down South, so we're off there until Thursday, and needless to say there will be no time for blog writing! If I was well I would have pre-written posts, as I understand consistency is key, but I was just taken away with having this stupid sickness! 

I hope you understand. If you want to ifnd out what I'll be getting up to you can find me on all these different social media networks:

Twitter - @Charllucy
Instagram - Charlmathews

And here are a few pictures to brighten up your Monday morning!

Me and my amazing, adorable and beautiful niece!

All of those pictures were either pinned on my pinterest or instagram pictures - so go follow me! Feel free to leave your blogs, pinterests, twitters and everything else in the comments :)

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In #11 || Weight-loss Mood Board

Hey everyone :)

This week I started the 5:2 diet, which I'm actually not going to talk about today. I decided I'd wait a week, then tell you guys about it next week when I've experienced a bit more of it and have a bit more of an idea about how it works etc. Anyway, this week I weigh in at...

So I stayed the same! Meh. Don't take this week's little weight loss as a sign of the 5:2 diet, as I literally did my first fast day on Monday, so don't expect to see great results already ha! Also, I went out for a meal with friends on Friday and drank, and just had a generally good weekend. I'm not very good at this losing weight malarky am I?! Cue some inspiration....

So after starting my sort-of scrap book (read about it here), I really wanted to do something for my weight, but somewhere I could see it. Ever since I bought my iMac, it's covered up a pin board and whiteboard that I used to use to pin work etc up. Now I'm not working, and the computer is in front of it, it's just gathering dust. I'm so visual, and really need inspiration and motivation to lose weight and be healthy. I find it difficult to stay focussed. I decided on making a little project where I could create a motivation and inspiration board.

It's going to be something I add to when I find different pictures/memories/workouts etc I can add to it, but I wanted something bright and colourful, that I couldn't shy away from! 

So here is what I started off with...

Pretty boring, uninspiring and you can't even see it!!

Here's what I ended up with. As I said I'm going to add more and change bits up, and will keep you updated, but this is what I wanted to add. At the bottom is me in one of my graduation photos as a 'before', then there's me in the middle of the photo of the three girls in school uniforms (with my 2 best friends) from Year 10 or 11, which is the size I would like to be (I say size as I have no clue of what weight I was, and don't really care. As long as I feel and look great, and I'm healthy, I don't mind).

I'm not sure what to write on the whiteboard though, any ideas? Do you have to have inspiration? Where do you find motivation? What other things do you think I could add?

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Monday, 29 July 2013

Chirp! My Life's Loves || Lifestyle post #5

Hey everyone :)

This weeks's lifestyle post is going to look at a book I picked up on my recent trip to Cambridge. We went in to a shop called 'Barrett's' and I fell in love straight away. I don't think it's a chain, or if it is it's a small one. The shop sells cards, house decorations, wool, just everything amazing haha! I am definitely a sucker for stationary, diaries and all that goodness, so straight away I was attracted to the diaries. I am also a sucker for birds, so diaries with birds on.... It's love! 

I picked up this diary, thinking it was just going to be a plain notebook, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened it. You can see in the pictures that each page has different titles. It's by a company called 'Life Canvas', and what I was actually mega impressed with is the price - a complete bargain at £8. I was expecting it to be between £12-£20 so HAD to have it at that price! 

So I think I'm going to use it as a kind of scrap book, keeping all little bits and bobs in there. Other pages include: 'I love these films' - where I have started to staple in cinema tickets, 'This is a cause worth fighting for', 'My inspiration for today is...', 'A festival to go to', 'I wish I'd written these novels' and sooooo many more. As you can see, I've already stuck in train tickets from when I went to Cambridge, which I'm going to add pictures of my journey to, a serviette saying 'Congrats Grad' and a piece of packaging from a necklace that a friend got me for graduating, where I'm also going to add pictures from my graduation, and a recipe from my Aunty Sue - scrummy.

Do you keep a journal? Do you like scrapbooking? What would you do with a notebook like this?

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

First Impressions of Maybelline Baby Lips!

Hey everyone :)

I know I'm supposed to post a beauty/fashion post on a Friday, but I had to wait until today (Saturday) as I have just had an exciting package! I have been desperate to try the new Maybelline Baby Lips since I heard they were being released in the UK. I got an email through from Boots and saw that they were releasing them, and got rather over-excited. You could put your name down to be emailed when they were released, which I then decided to do. Then, on Wednesday, I got the email through. I had read and heard that they were going to be sold out everywhere and people were on waiting lists for the products, so naturally I clicked straight through to the website ready to order myself one! I couldn't choose between 2, then saw that it was 3 for 2.... So now I am the proud owner of 3 new Baby Lips!

Now, sadly enough, the thing that drew me in most about these lip balms are the packaging. It's just so cute isn't it?! I love the bright colours and the colour combinations. I decided to pick up Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Hydrate. I'm really chuffed as the Hydrate lip balm has SPF in, so that's what I shall be taking on holiday. Obviously, seeing as I only got these lip balms today, I can't do a full on review of them. My first impressions are high though, the colour is extremely sheer, but strong enough to see on your lips (for the pink and peach shades). I especially love the colour of the Pink Punch on my lips. They all feel really hydrating at first use, and I'm excited to incorporate them in to my every day routine.

I am also really impressed with how quickly the delivery was, as I said I ordered them on the Wednesday, paid for standard delivery (£2.95), and they have arrived on Saturday! Nice one Boots.

Have you tried the new Baby Lips? Would you like to try them? What's your favourite lip balm?
You can pick them up here for £2.99 from Boots, and Maybelline was on 3 for 2 when I ordered.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In #10 || My Fitness Pal

Hey everyone :)

So it always seems like something is getting in the way of me having a perfect week, for example this week I had my graduation (read about it here!) and my graduation meal out (we decided to do this on two separate occasions!) - which consisted of two days maybe not being the healthiest I could have been... (Cue guilt from the amazing burger I ate). 

BUT this week I weigh in at....

Woot woot I have lost 2lbs! How exciting :) I guess making healthier choices 95% of the time works, as there's always going to be something that throws you off course. The secret is to not let that one unhealthy choice (and make it a choice) throw you off and make you give up. If you have decided to have a burger, then enjoy it, and move on. I apologise for the bad pictures, but even with a fantastic camera, getting a good picture is impossible! So I just use my iPhone, but I guess the point isn't the quality of the picture hey!

Something that has really helped me,. and made me become a lot more aware of what I eat, is an app called 'My Fitness Pal'. I have it downloaded on my iPhone, but I know you can get it on Blackberrys and the android market too. You just enter in what you have eaten, and it tots up your calories! It's amazing. If you want to lose weight, you can enter your current weight, how much you want to lose a week and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat a day to achieve this weight loss. 

Picture from here.
You can also add friends, which I find motivates me more! It doesn't tell them when you have been over your calories though, so it's always best to be completely honest. I've always benefited from a food diary, but it has been so impractical and I have ended up giving up after a while due to it being so fussy and hard work. This app means you always have it there, there is no excuse! I ALWAYS have my phone on me, and it takes no more than 30 seconds to log in a food you've eaten, and how much, so there's no excuses!

Do you use my fitness pal? Or do you use something different? How do you keep on track with weight loss when you have celebrations to attend to? Do you try and pick healthily or let yourself have one naughty thing? Click here to go through to the 'My Fitness Pal' website.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Graduation! || Lifestyle post #4

Hey everyone :)

So on Thursday 18th July 2013 I graduated! Woohoo! I was so ready for it, yet very anxious. I didn't know many people there, so was worrying (as always) over nothing. But I just thought I share my pictures with you! It was a gorgeous day up at Carlisle Cathedral, and the temperature hit 34 degrees celsius at one point... not a good look in a cap and gown! I am officially a teacher - woohoo! This post is going to be very picture heavy - so be warned! I did a post about the make-up I wore on the day, you can read that here :)

 Getting my cap and gown :)
 Attractive Charlotte...

 About to get the professional photos taken - it was literally boiling in that hotel!

 Me and one of my tutors - such an amazing woman!

I'm not sure if you can see that last badge but it says 'Cumbria Teacher' woot woot! I had such a fantastic day and felt very proud of myself. It was lovely to spend it with my parents too.
Have you graduated recently?

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Graduation FOTD

Hey everyone :)

So yesterday I officially graduated - woohoo! On Monday I will be sharing the pictures and memories from such a wonderful day. It was so hot it was crazy - but great as at my sister's graduation it poured it down. Clearly, with the weather being so hot it made me think about what make-up I was going to wear and how I was going to make it last. Here are all the products and tools I used:

I'll go through each of the things I wore and put them in order of when I applied them. You'll notice a lot of matte products as I really didn't want to look shiny in the professional photographs being taken.

Benefit POREfessional (applied with fingers)
Nars Sheer Matte Foundation - Mont Blanc (applied with fingers)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 (blending with fingers)
Rimmel Stay Matte powder 001 Transparent (applied with fluffy powder brush - the pink one)
MAC Dame Blusher (applied with elf angled blush brush)
Benefit Hoola (In the Cabana Glama kit - applied with ecotools fluffy brush and real techniques contour brush)
MAC Soft and Gentle (applied with real techniques contour brush)
MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow for eyebrows (applied with 266 brush - which I forgot to include in the picture)
Me Me Me Arch Angel Define Brows
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow (applied with models own eye shading brush)
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow (applied with Urban Decay shading brush)
Urban Decay Hustle from NAKED palette (applied with MAC 222)
Blended out with ecotools fluffy eye brush
Urban Decay Virgin to highlight brow bone and inner corner
Eyeko skinny mini liquid eyeliner in black
HD Brows kit in Bombshell (darkest colour applied over eyeliner)
The Body Shop eyelash curlers
Benefit They're Real Mascara - top lashes
Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara for bottom lashes (stops it from transferring from down your face!)
Sleek twist up lip pencil in 654 pink rose
MAC Chatterbox lipstick
Barry M lipgloss (no colour or even number on it - sorry!)

Phew - that's everything I promise! There are so many products because I really wanted to make sure my make up lasted and I didn't have to bother about touching it up too much through the day and just enjoying myself. My eye make up lasted amazingly well, my face make up melted off a bit by the end of the day - but I wasn't too bothered as it was 34 degrees at one point! And in a cap and gown, that can be expected a little. Especially on my forehead where the cap was sitting. 

As I said I will be posting all the pictures from my graduation on Monday, but here's a quick sneak preview just to see what my make up was like!

 (It's not my most attractive picture, so excuse me for this haha!)

What make up do you go to for a special occasion? Do you always wear the same thing or change it up? What make up do you wear on a hot day? I wish I didn't have to wear any as it was so hot! I have been putting off wearing it at all if possible, or applying it at the very last minute if I have to go out.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte xxx